C. C. Cragin Project

The C. C. Cragin Project is a long-term venture of the Payson Water Department. The main goals of this project are to obtain water for future Payson water needs, replenish the resources we are currently using, and protect our existing water resources. In an effort to help the Payson community gain a better understanding of what is happening with our water supply, give some background on the project, and where we are in the process now, we have prepared a slide show, a map, and a link to some questions and answers that may be of interest:

Payson Water Milestones Video

C.C. Cragin Project Brochure

Conceptual Pipeline Route

C.C. Cragin Project History & Timeline

Website to view C.C. Cragin Reservoir Levels

Questions & Answers about the C. C. Cragin Project


For more information about water resource planning & management email Buzz Walker at bwalker@paysonaz.gov or
call him at (928) 472-5047.

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