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Q: Are deposits required?
A: Refundable deposits are required to begin water service and you should contact our office at
(928) 472-5100 for the deposit amount.

Q: How soon will my water be turned on after I complete the application and pay the deposit?
A: Within twenty four (24) hours excluding weekends for properties with existing public water service. For properties without existing public water service it may take approximately two weeks.

Q: I’m going on vacation; what can I do about my bill?
A: You can sign up for AutoPay and have your payment automatically deducted or you can prepay your account, based on your average monthly bill before you leave.

Q: What should I do if I’m having a water emergency inside my home?
A: If you have your own customer shut-off valve, turn your water off and call a plumber. If you do not have your own private shutoff valve call the Water Department at (928) 472-5100 and we will dispatch a service person to turn your water off. Service Fees or After-Hours Fees may apply.

Q: What should I do if I find that I have a leak?
A: Per Resolution #235, homes constructed after 7/29/80 require a shutoff valve on the customer side of the Town’s meter. Location of customer valves may vary. Proper installation places them within 1-2 ft of the Town’s meter. These valves are for customers to shut off their water if a leak occurs. To prepare for home disasters, it is a good practice to locate your customer shutoff valve. If customer shutoff valve cannot be located, contact the Water Dept. to turn off the town’s meter. If these situations occur after hours, a fee may be assessed to your account. For your future protection and convenience, please consider having a customer shutoff valve installed.

Q: Can I use the valve on the meter to turn my water on and off?
A: No, the valve on the meter should only be used by Water Department personnel. Every home should be equipped with a customer shutoff valve, normally located on the customer’s property near the meter box. See Customer Meter Spec Sheet & Responsibilities. If you do not have a customer shutoff valve we highly recommend that you have one installed.

Q: My water usage is higher than I expected. What are the most common causes?
     ● Toilet
     ● Irrigation systems or oudoor plumbing
     ● Leaky faucet or plumbing fixtures
     ● Cooler and/or cooler lines

Q: How can I check to see if I have any leaks?
A: See our helpful brochures How to Read Your Water Meter and Stop Leaks Now.

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