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Water resources planning is taken very seriously by the Payson Water Department.  So too, the Water Department works hard to conserve and protect our existing and future water resources. 
The following objectives are key water management tools and efforts that make up Payson’s water planning approach:

  1. Pursue surface water supplies via C.C. Cragin Reservoir (Blue Ridge), to replace groundwater as Payson’s primary source.
  2. Promote a comprehensive Water Conservation program through innovation, technology, and responsible water usage policies.
  3. Optimize existing groundwater sources through well rehabilitation and optimum operational schedules.
  4. Develop deeper regional groundwater resources and interim and reserve groundwater supplies, as needed.
  5. Promote recharge and reuse of reclaimed water.
  6. Promote beneficial use of contaminated groundwater through treatment technology.
  7. Preserve and protect existing and future water supplies via foresight, aggressive water policies, and with the support of highly respected water law professionals.

We have made and continue to make tremendous strides in keeping up with the growth of our Town, and ensuring a safe and sufficient supply of drinking water for everyone in our community. By working together, we can continue to make the right decisions for all of our existing citizens as we plan for the future.

For more information about water resource planning & management email Buzz Walker at bwalker@paysonaz.gov or call him at (928) 472-5047.


C.C. Cragin Reservoir

(Blue Ridge)